Membership Information

American Hunt Terrier Club Association fees are as follows:

Yearly Family or Individual Membership: $20.00 per calendar year

Junior Membership: $10.00 per calendar year

New Adult Hunt Terrier Registration:  $15.00 per Adult  (8 months and older)*

Hunt Terrier Litter Registration: $15.00 for a litter of three or more. One pup $5.00, two pups $10.00

*(Each terrier in the litter must apply for permanent papers when 8 months or older.)

Breeder Referral Listing: $25.00 per year

Clicking on the highlighted links will direct you to the appropriate forms for you to print and send in for membership, litter registration, and adult registration.

Return all completed forms and send payments to:
13288 Bean Rd.  Alexander, AR  72002
Karen Jackson
Make Checks Payable to the AHTCA
Payments can also be made via PayPal (Preferred)

To register your Hunt Terrier

Steps 1- 4  need to be completed when you are applying for adult registration of a Hunt Terrier that has a litter registration certificate issued by the AHTCA.

Steps 5-6 ONLY pertain to Hunt Terriers that are applying for adult registration without a litter registration certificate issued by the AHTCA and are imported from a foreign country.  Hunt Terriers born in the USA must be accompanied by a valid litter registration to apply for registration.

Along with the completed Adult Hunt Terrier Registration application you need to include:

1.  The original litter registration certificate issued by the AHTCA. The original litter registration certificate will not be returned to you with your hunt terrier’s adult registration certificate, it is kept on file with the AHTCA and you will be issued a new certificate with your name and your dog’s name on the certificate.

2.  Three 3 X 5 color photographs showing clearly a right, left and front profile of the terrier. Photos become the property of the AHTCA.
****Emailed copies of photos are NOT ACCEPTABLE.****

3.  A $20.00 fee must accompany the application for registration for each adult Hunt Terrier registered for non-members and $15.00 for current (current year) for members.

4. Official name, including kennel prefix, may not exceed 28 characters, including spaces.

5. Veterinarians certificate must accompany the registration papers for Hunt Terriers applying for new adult registration without a litter registration certificate issued by the AHTCA and must be imported from a foreign country to apply.

6. At least a 3-generation pedigree signed by the breeder, (if possible) include registration numbers of any dogs on the pedigree regardless of which registry they are registered with (foreign registration)
****Emailed copies of the dog’s pedigree are NOT ACCEPTABLE.****

Please note: The AHTCA does not register Jack Russell Terriers.

To register a Litter

1. Adult Hunt Terriers must be registered with the AHTCA to apply for litter registration.

2.  If you are not the owner of the stud a signed Stud Service Certificate from the owner of the sire at time of mating must be included.

3. A $20.00 fee must accompany the application for registration for litters, regardless of the number of pups in the litter for non-members and $15.00 fee for members.

4. A completed litter registration form.


For Litter Registration of a Hunt Terrier when crossed with a Jack Russell Terrier

A Copy of the Jack Russell Terriers’ 3-generation pedigree from an approved club will need to be included with the litter registration application.

The final decision for registration will depend on completeness of the information, and adherence to the AHTCA Breed Standard.


Only the AHTCA certified Adult Registration Certificate(Registration Papers)
Litter Registration Certificate (returned to the breeder of the litter at the time of birth) will be returned.

ALL Registration materials will be placed on file with the AHTCA and not returned.


Web Site Breeder Referral Listing requirements:

Yearly membership dues must be current.

All Hunt Terrier adults and available puppies must be registered with the AHTCA.