Welcome to the American Hunt Terrier Club Association

A registry dedicated to promote and preserve the American Hunt Terrier.

The American Hunt Terrier Club Association has been established to register and promote the highly intelligent and loyal Hunt Terrier. Hunt Terriers have also been referred to as Black and Tan Terriers, Red Terriers, and Solid Colored Jack Russell Terriers.

In 1995, The Hunt Terrier Club of America was formed; however, at the beginning of 2008, they revised their charter to accept a much wider variety of size, color, and shape which no longer met the standard of the original black and tan or red Hunting Terrier.

The American Hunt Terrier Club was subsequently organized in 2008 with the goal of preserving the original Hunt Terrier, accepting “only” the original black and tan or red hunt terrier as had been described years ago.

We are dedicated to maintain our club along with proper registry of these highly intelligent, loyal Hunt Terriers. Our goal is to keep the lines pure and in keeping with the American Hunt Terrier Breed Standard. We invite you to browse our website to learn more about this loyal breed. We are sure you will begin to enjoy these little dogs as much as we do.

If you are looking for a Hunt Terrier puppy, the breeder referral page highlights approved breeders listed by state. If you are interested in one of these keen little dogs, check out their sites!

We are hoping you enjoy this site. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us.

Thank you and come back again!

New for AHTCA—for those who wish to register their dogs with us and they do not have an AHTCA litter registration,(both parents are AHTCA registered) the board has unanimously approved that you may register your dogs with our association. The fee to register a dog that does not have a litter registration is $50. All other guidelines must also be followed.

Starting April 1, the AHTCA will be implementing a new program to encourage buyers to register their pups. Breeders that want to participate may do so by putting a star at the top of the Terrier Registration paper when they send it home with the new owner. Breeder agrees to fill out the forms for the prospective buyer and pay for the registration of that pup when the pup reaches six months of age–Note: registration age changed. Breeders participating in this program will be highlighted on our web site. If you wish to participate in this program, please let us know and we will feature you on this site. Any other suggestions are welcomed.

Memberships and breeder referral listings are now due. Please update your memberships as soon as possible.

Beginning January 1, 2023, a dog that does not have a litter registration (and parents are not AHTCA registered) can enter with the following paperwork:

Adult registration application filled out

Vet certificate printed from the ahtca.org website filled out by your veterinarian

Photo of each side of the dog and a front view of the dog

$100 registration fee. For any questions, please contact Jana Crawford at ejrtlady@gmail.com

Please make sure when you purchase a puppy that you check the registry and make sure it is the Official Hunt Terrier Registry. We are the only legimate Black and Tan or Hunt Terrier registry available.